01. The government has won an impressive [mandate] with over 63% percent of the vote.
02. The membership has given the union the [mandate] to strike.
03. It is not the [mandate] of this university to teach English as a Second Language to immigrants; that is the job of the community colleges.
04. The United Nations peace-keeping force is [mandated] to ensure that the refugees are allowed to return to their homes.
05. The Premier seems determined to stay in office until the absolute end of his 5-year [mandate].
06. The Prime Minister is expected to retire from politics when his current [mandate] comes to an end.
07. The [mandatory] retirement age in this country is 65.
08. Kings of the Chou dynasty in ancient China called themselves the "Sons of Heaven" to emphasize that their rule was a [mandate] from the gods.
09. Attendance is [mandatory], and absences must be explained.
10. The [mandatory] sentence for a crime of this type is a minimum four years in prison.
11. In my opinion, the government has no [mandate] for this legislation because they never mentioned it during the election campaign.
12. Studies show that even when they work outside the home, women still have the cultural [mandate] to give priority to the family.
13. Because the political elite is the only elite that requires a popular [mandate], its decisions have greater legitimacy than those of the other elites.
14. Along with teaching knowledge and skills, the [mandate] of the school system is to identify students' abilities and potential.
15. In 1991, Jordan became the only Arab country to stop [mandatory] military service.
16. W. Edwards Deming once noted that it is not necessary to change. Survival is not [mandatory].
17. At the end of the First World War, South Africa was given a [mandate] to rule the territory known today as Namibia.
18. In 1923, Britain was given a [mandate] from the League of Nations to govern Palestine.
19. South Africa occupied the German colony of South-West Africa during World War One, and administered it as a [mandate] until after the Second World War.
20. The [mandate] of the organization Greenpeace is to safeguard our natural environment.
21. The local hockey association has [mandated] obligatory mouth-guards for all the players.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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